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The Faculty of Sciences of Monastir is a public institution within hierarchically University of Monastir and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Faculty of Sciences Monastir (FSM) was established in 1977 under Act No. 77-81 of 31/12/1977. The property originally known as Faculty of Science and Technology of Monastir was a first core of the decentralization of science education in Tunisia.

The FSM works to promote quality and diversity in education, creativity and innovation in research.

The FSM offers a full academic curriculum and with high quality supervision and have experience of teaching advanced equipment.

His teacher researchers place the development of research at the heart of the renovation process of teaching and training future academics. Currently the facility is in its 3rd year of the LMD reform.





Since its conception three decades ago, its founders wanted to make a cluster of scientific influence, decentralized, open on new engine technologies and scientific development in the country. Built on the basis of a rigorous architectural design with Swiss funding a collaboration with Iraqi sister country, the site is large, comfortable and well appointed.

Since its opening during the academic year 1977-1978 several extensions have been made and in recent years, the FSM has been a nice facelift renovation and rejuvenation.

Originally called Faculty of Science and Technology, the school has trained generations of maitrisards and engineers in various disciplines such as basic and applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, electronics, electrical engineering, energetics and mechanics.

The end of its first decade is the creation of the engineering school ENIM neighbor and precisely in 1987 by separating the 3 departments of engineering it was.

Subsequently, by deploying the training site and a department of biology, the FSM has served again as an incubator of the Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir created in 2000 and certainly as part of the Higher Institute of ‘Informatics and Mathematics of Monastir (ISIM) established the same year.